CASA UAS OC Pre-Application Interview

Preparing to submit your UAS Operator Certificate application by attending a CASA UAV OC pre-application interview?

Once your Operations Manual, Flight Manual and Maintenance Manuals are ready to be sent to CASA you can request a free pre-application interview.

CASA will confirm a date for the interview and either setup a video conference from your local CASA office to the UAS Specialists, or setup a face to face meeting or arrange a telephone conference if a CASA office is not located within reasonable distance.

CASA will use the pre-application interview to review the documents and point out any amendments to be done before submitting the official UOC application.

At the pre-application interview CASA will:

  • Review the format and content of your manuals
  • Do a completeness review to ensure all relevant information is available to be submitted
  • Have an informal interview discussing your future RPAS operations and assess your understanding of the law, requirements and operational procedures to conduct safe RPAS operations.
  • Explain the steps involved once the application is lodged.

Once all the documents and required insurances, exemptions and certificates are obtained you can prepare to submit your UAV OC application.