Submit CASA UAS Operator Certificate Application

After the pre-application interview and once you are ready to proceed with the UAV OC application you need to complete the UAV Operator’s Certificate application form (Form 041) and submit it to the Permissions Application Centre.

Application costs

The following costs are provided for guidance only, and the actual amount charged for the evaluation will depend on:

  • the complexity of your OC application;
  • the accuracy of your Operations Manual; and
  • Travel requirements of CASA inspectors (flying operations and airworthiness) to assess your submission and visit your facilities.

Application costs

Item Approximate cost
OC approval process. $4000 – $8000 (worst case scenario).
Renewals at the anniversary points (CASA issues initial licences for 1 year and then 3-year periods after the initial issue if at all possible). $480 (without additional aircraft or information).

Please note that these are CASA’s costs only. You will need to determine other costs like theory training and exams, purchase of your aircraft, manuals, Aerosdb services, insurance, etc.