UAS Operator Certificate

UAV Operator Certificate for RPAS Operators

If the UAS Operator’s Certificate (UOC) application is for a NEW application the process usually also involves the process for a person to obtain an UAV Controller Certificate / Remote Pilot Certificate.

In such a case there are 4 main phases in applying for a CASA Unmanned Aerial Systems Operator’s Certificate. (UOC) in Australia.

1. UAV Controller Certificate / Remote Pilot Certificate Application Process.
2. RPAS Operations Manual, RPA Flight Manual and RPAS Maintenance Manual development and application preparation.
3. UAS Operator’s Certificate Application & Assessment:

  1. Technical Documentation Assessment (Desktop Assessment);
  2. On-Site Verification and Testing.

4. Certification by CASA.

It is possible to develop the RPAS Operations Manual in parallel with the studies and activities required to submit the UAV Controller Certificate / Remote Pilot application.

Please note that it is a requirement to have the controller certificate for the Chief Controller issued before the UAS OC application is submitted.

If a person already has an UAV Controller Certificate issued and they comply with the requirements as defined in the RPAS Operations Manual then step 1 is not required. Please note that it could be that your Operations Manual requires all UAV Controllers to have a current Medical Class 2 certificate and if the nominated and certificated UAV Controller does not have a current medical class 2 they will be required to obtain it before submitting the UOC application.

UAS Operator Certificate Application Process

The high level process flow for preparing and submitting the CASA UAV OC application consists of, primarily, the following steps:

  1. Introduction to ICAO, CASA, CASR101 and relevant RPAS Operations
  2. Development of a Business Plan and market analysis;
  3. Conduct a Risk Assessment;
  4. Crew Induction – RPAS Operation
  5. Crew Induction – Technical
  6. Developing an Operations Manual divided into:
    • Part A – General Policies and Procedures
    • Part B – RPAS Operating Procedures
    • Part C – Internal Training
    • Part D – Aerial Work Operations
    • Part E – RPAS Training School Operations
  7. Develop the RPA Flight Manual
  8. Develop RPAS Maintenance Manual
  9. Appoint the Chief Controller ( Remote Pilot Certificate needs to be approved already)
  10. Compile the Operations Manual suite of documents for the pre-application interview
  11. Request a pre-application interview and and submit the Operations Manual suite once the interview is confirmed
  12. Conduct the Pre-Application Interview with CASA
  13. Lodge official UOC application form 041
  14. Address comments and changes required by CASA until the Operations Manual suite is approved (Desktop Approval)
  15. Prepare for the practical flying assessment
  16. Obtain Public Liability Insurance;
    1. We have already contacted the insurance companies and help you to develop your Operations Manuals to
    • Incorporate the information required where applicable
    • Easily answer the questions required to apply for PLI Qoutes
  17. Complete the practical flying assessment
  18. Once the assessment is passed, WAIT FOR YOUR UOC TO BE ISSUED :).