PPL Theory Training

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There are many ways that you can study for your PPL Theory exam. The aim is to make sure that you understand the theory and that you will be able to pass the PPL theory exam. Your focus for your UAV Controller Certificate is not on actually learning to fly, which you will only be doing if you actually take flying lessons.

If you already have a strong background in aviation you may choose to self study using books or online courses only. If you prefer you can book into a full time training course and have the opportunity to interact and ask questions when you need to understand something better. We are also able to provide you with a custom solution which combines self-study and 1-on-1 instructor classes to review areas that you struggle with.

Those that are fortunate enough to have close connections with pilots or instructors may wish to approach them to explain the areas that you struggle with. It is all up to you and your personal situation.

Please note the difference between the BAK and PPL theory exams. For a UAV Australia does not require you to complete the BAK exam as you will not actually need it to qualify for your UAV Controller Certificate but you will need to study the BAK topics in order to pass the PPL Theory exam.

The BAK is something like a “L-Plate” or “learners”. When you conduct actual flying in the lead up to your PPL Licence you have an intermediate stage called the General Flying Progress Test (GFPT). This will allow you to fly within a limited radius from the airport and the training area that you are familiar with. The theory test you need to pass in order to achieve your GFPT is the BAK exam. This result does NOT get recorded with CASA but is endorsed in your logbook. This is to indicate that you know the minimum theory in order to fly safely in a restricted and familiar situation.

In order to qualify for your UAV PPL Theory you will need to sit the actual PPL theory exam and the result is recorded at CASA. This will indicate that you have sufficient knowledge to fly and operate an aircraft in ‘un-familiar’ situations as well as controlled airspace.

The PPL exam is the one you will need to pass in order to obtain the UAV Controller Certificate and as you will not be flying a real aircraft you are entitled to request an exemption from CASA for the BAK test.

Sitting the BAK test is however recommended as it broadens and gives you a solid aviation knowledge and can be used as a ‘practice exam’ for your PPL Theory Exam.

You will need to purchase the following items (apart from the PPL/BAK theory books):

  • VFR (Day Booklet);
  • PCA (Planning Chart Australia);
  • ERSA (En Route Supplement Australia);
  • VFG – Visual Flight Rules Guide;
  • E6B Flight Computer;
  • Plotter & Ruler Combined;
  • Log Book (not necessary, but recommended) and

CASA has a quality selection of Aviation Publications that are freely available from the CASA online store with only a $15 delivery fee. (Not necessary, but recommended).

Purchase the theory books required for the classes or self-study.

(There are several publishers and styles available that you can choose from to fit your personal requirements.)