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RPAS Logger (RPAS Logbook / UAV Logbook / Drone Logbook / Remote Pilot Logbook)

RPAS Logger Lite is FREE

The UAV Logbook that will support both hobbyist and professional remote pilots at the same time. RPAS Logger Lite will help you manage you Remote Pilot details, Battery Charging logs, Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) flight time logs and maintenance logs. At the moment we have an Android app in the Google Play Store and the iOS should be released in June 2014.

The RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) Logger is designed to be part of a comprehensive suite of apps that will be compatible with Civil Aviation Authorities in the UK, South Africa, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, United States of America (FAA in the USA), Canada etc

To be eligible for a UAV Controller Certificate or a Remote Pilot Certificate in Australia you will need to log at least 5 hours of Aeronautical experience operating the specific UAV type. This needs to be logged in your Log book which does not have to be an official Pilot logbook as long as it is constantly kept up to date.Drone Logbook for Drone Pilots Logbook

Features include:

  • Full pre and post flight logging of individual cell voltages for LIPO and other battery types
  • When charging your battery you can log your pre and post individual cell voltages and internal resistance for each cell.
  • For each RPA (UAV / Drone) you fly you can configure a checklists for pre-flight, post-flight and maintenance for each Remotely Piloted Aircraft. You can define checklists for all types of RPA like DJI Phantom, S800, S1000, AR.Drone / Parrot Drone etc
  • Configurable checklists for pre-flight and post-flight checks for each Accessory for all or a particular RPA. This can include Gimbals, GPS units, FPV camera etc
  • In-Flight timer with low battery, very low battery and critical battery alarms that can be configured for each battery mAh associated with each UAV. This will give you an audible alarm at each configured time while you are flying.
  • Reporting functions for batteries, pilots and RPA.
  • A Barcode scanner for fast battery, RPA and accessory access. (Instead of typing in or selecting an item you can just scan the barcode with your phone camera and it will pre-fill the details saved against that barcode)

Below are a few screenshots of the app.


RPAS Logger UAV Drone Pilot Logbook LiPo5 
RPAS Logger UAV Drone Pilot Logbook LiPo2
RPAS Logger UAV Drone Pilot Logbook LiPo3
RPAS Logger UAV Drone Pilot Logbook LiPo4