UAV Controller Exam Exemptions

As mentioned before, a UAV Controller is NOT required to complete the BAK Theory exam in order to qualify as a Controller in Australia. You may, however,  wish to sit the BAK Theory exam out of personal preference.

Apply for a BAK Exam Exemption Letter

Please note the Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK) exam is NOT the same as the PPL exam. Please refer to our BAK / PPL Theory Exam page for more detail.

For the UAV Controller Certificate you can request an exemption for the BAK exam. If you DO want to write a BAK exam it will consist of a 1.5 hours on-line cyber-exam. 70% pass mark.

Apply for the IREX Exam Exemption (UAV Visual Line of Sight)

If you will be remotely piloting an unmanned aircraft Beyond Visual Line of Site you will need to sit the IREX Exam.

If you will only be flying in Visual Line of Site conditions you do not need to sit the Instrument Rating Exam (IREX) and are entitled to request an exemption from sitting the IREX Exam.