UAV PPL Theory Exam

When you are ready to sit the PPL theory exam you can book an appointment online with ASL – the company that conduct the cyber exams on behalf of CASA.

The UAV Controller Certificate requires that either the PPLH or PPLA theory exam is passed. It does not matter wether you fly a rotor or fixed wing UAV to determine which PPL exam you should pass. You may choose the PPL training and exam you feel most comfortable with.

CASA aeroplane and helicopter PPL exams (PPLA and PPLH respectively) are each a single-paper exam which tests all the seven subjects listed in the Day VFR Syllabus.

Details surrounding the PPLA / PPLH exam are:  

  • Pass score – not less than 70%
  • Exam duration – 3.5 hours
  • Question style – ‘multi-choice’ & ‘supply answer’ (only of numerical value)
  • Number of questions – from 55 to 60
  • Marks per question – vary from 1 to 3

Exam availability

PPL examinations are available to authorised Supervisors through flying schools using the CyberExams system. Examinations may be accessed, in accordance with the procedures detailed in the CyberExams Supervisor Handbook, during normal business hours (0800 – 1800 local time), every day.

PPL Exam Sittings

Failing an examination is indicative of knowledge deficiency, which is a safety-related issue. Therefore CASA requires the unsuccessful candidate to undergo re-training before re-attempting the examination. The re-training period for PPL examination is 7 days. If a candidate fails three consecutive PPL examinations, there can be no doubt that the candidate has not prepared sufficiently or even at all, and therefore requires a longer re-training period. The re-training period will be extended to ensure that the candidate re-trains to a satisfactory standard before re-attempting the examination.