UAV Controllers

An UAV Controller Certificate is required in order to pilot / control an Unmanned Aircraft according to the UAS Operations Manual. The UAV Controller Certificate is in essence a “UAV Pilot License” and required by all commercial operators of an UAV or RPA in Australia. CASA has transitioned to rename UAVs to Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS). An RPAS is a sub-section of the overall UAS terminology as defined by ICAO.

The following list is a high level summary workflow of some of the RPA / UAV Controller Certificate application process and steps required to undertake in order to apply for a CASA UAV Controller Certificate. These activities are described in more detail on our website.

CASA UAV Controller Certificate Process Workflow - UAV CC

CASA UAV Controller Certificate Process Workflow – UAV CC

  1. Obtain an ARN Number from CASA;
  2. Purchase items for Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL)/ Basic Aviation Knowledge (BAK) theory exams;
  3. Complete PPL / BAK theory studies; *NEW* We now offer PPL Theory classes and online courses. *Click Here*
  4. Aircraft Radio Operator Certificate of Proficiency;
  5. Apply for a “Letter of Introduction” from CASA to be exempt from sitting the BAK exam;
  6. Book your CASA PPL Theory exam date via ASL or at an authorised flying school.
  7. Undergo the UAV Manufacturers training assessment / course;
  8.  Pass the PPL Theory exam (70% pass mark);
  9. Class 2 Medical Certificate (Optional);
  10. Log 5 hours UAV experience and
  11. Submit UAV controller certificate application together with a request for exemption from the IREX exam.

Before you start preparing your OC, the UAV Controller Certificate application form should be sent to the CASA Licensing and Registration Centre (CLARC) at It can take several weeks for the Controller Certificate to be issued depending upon the completeness and quality of the application.

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