CASA UAS Operator Certificate Consulting

CASA UAV Operator Certificate &

UAV Controller Certificate Solutions

The following is a summary of our services.

UAV Operator’s Certificate (UAV OC / UOC) Applications Services:

  • We can guide you through the end-to-end process of preparing for and submitting your UOC Application to CASA
  • Risk Assessments for specific jobs, business needs and UOC Applications
  • Develop your manuals together with you (We don’t like to just give you a manual as we don’t believe it is in your safety and operational interest without fully understanding the reasoning and origin of the content)
    • Operation Manuals
      • Part A – General Policies and Procedures
      • Part B – RPAS Operating Procedures
      • Part C – Internal Training
      • Part D – Aerial Work Operations
    • Flight Manuals : Each RPA requires its unique set of flight manuals
    • Maintenance Manuals : Each RPA requires its unique set of maintenance manuals
  • Chief Controller responsibilities and requirements
  • Public Liability Insurance applications
  • and more ….. please contact us if your requirements are not mentioned.

UAV Controller Certificate Application Services:

  • Assess, arrange or manage RPAS / UAV training solutions.

Software & Consulting:

  • Aviation Safety Management System (SMS);
  • Accident and Incident tracking and management;
  • Audit management and
  • Document Control.

Other services:

  • Technical writing;
  • Tender Management or presentations;
  • Specialist skills recruitment services and
  • UAV / RPA / Drone procurement solutions. We can help you source an Unmanned Aircraft / Remotely Piloted Aircraft / Drone according to your specific needs and requirements.