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Call us on 1300 RPAS TRAINING (1300 772 787) / 02 4203 3007 or complete the contact form on the right of this page to find out how we can provide you with a full 1-stop shop from individual Remote Pilot training to company ReOC Manual Development & training for CASA Certification.

We now run WEEKLY courses across Australia

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Get RPAS Logger Enterprise –  THE ONLY full-featured software solution (Android & iOS Apps for remote pilots which syncs with the main Drone Complier website for overall management) Designed to manage ALL your CASA ReOC compliance requirements. It will help manage your remote pilots & training records, develop and integrate your ReOC Manuals (Ops, Flight & Maintenance) into a living document and not just paper which will generate job safety assessments and flight management, job & maintenance reports, show remote pilots if they are near restricted airspace and MUCH more which will only help you to comply with CASA regulations AND focus on growing your business, not one or the other.



$1099 Including GST and Delivery within Australia

$1099 Including GST and Delivery within Australia

RPAS Training UAV Controller Certificate Drone Operator Certificate1

Are you in the process of applying for your CASA UAS Operator Certificate or CASA UAV Controller Certificate? We specialise in several services to support you (Controller Certificate) and your company (Operator Certificate) to operate RPA’s (aka UAV / Drones / Mulitcopters) commercially in Australia. (part of RPAS Training and Solutions Pty Ltd) has a strong aviation background in developing Aviation Safety Management Systems as well as supporting numerous UAV Operators and controllers to complete the requirements in order to operate commercially in Australia. We have also just released a new software system (RPAS Logger) that focuses on the specific needs and requirements of commercial UAV Operators and Controllers. The mind-map above is a summary of the services that we provide either as individual units, which includes the PPL Theory Training course, AROCP Training, UAV Manufacturers assessments, Basic RPAS Training Courses  etc or everything together as a package to cover the requirements for a basic RPAS Training Course. This website ( is focussed on explaining the requirements and solutions required in order for CASA to issue you your controller certificate or your company’s UOC, while our website is focused on delivering our services and tracking the project progress of your UOC application or Controller Certificate. An overview of our basic and advanced UAV / RPAS services is available here We have created a 15 minute Introduction video to basic RPAS Training for you in order to explain the basic requirements to get your controller certificate and how this fits into the bigger picture of the UAV Operator Certificate.


The lists below are good startings point to navigate our website. We have adopted a new strategy in helping you to prepare for your CASA UAS Operator Certificate Pre-application interview and support you in developing your Ops Manuals. This is done by creating a set of training / coaching / consulting / information sessions delivered via web-conference or at our office to ensure your key personnel are educated in all aspects required to conduct a safe RPAS operation. The items listed mentioned below are in sequence and are an overview of the subjects discussed in our sessions.

CASA UAV Controller Certificate




      Obtain an ARN Number from CASA;

    2. Purchase items for the basic Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) theory exam; (View our video for more details)
    3. Complete PPL / BAK theory studies;  Join our classes! (Next : 19 May in Perth and 19 May in Melbourne)
    4. Aircraft Radio Operator Certificate of Proficiency; (We offer AROCP training and exams)
    5. Apply for Basic Aviation Knowledge (BAK) ‘Letter of Introduction’ from CASA to be exempt sitting the BAK exam;
    6. Book your CASA PPL Theory exam date via ASL (a CASA examination centre) or at an authorised Flying School
    7. Obtain your UAV Manufacturers Assessment for each RPA / UAV  type you are going to apply for. UAV Manufacturers endorsement; (We offer assessments for all DJI products (Wookong, Naza, Naza Lite, A2) as well as MultiWiiCopter Scarab UAVs
    8. Pass the PPL Theory exam;
    9. Class 2 Medical Certificate (Optional); (This is only if you wish to do it for insurance or company requirements)
    10. Log 5 hours practical UAV flying experience (You can use our RPAS Logger to log your hours and battery management)
      RPAS Logger UAV Drone Pilot Logbook LiPo5
      RPAS Logger UAV Drone Pilot Logbook LiPo2
      RPAS Logger UAV Drone Pilot Logbook LiPo1
      RPAS Logger UAV Drone Pilot Logbook LiPo3

Submit UAV controller certificate application and also request an IREX exemption together with your UAV Controller Certificate Application.

CASA UAS Operator Certificate

The following steps explain the topics covered in our training sessions and are related to the required sections of the UOC Operating manual

  1. Introduction to ICAO, CASA, CASR101 and relevant RPAS Operations
    1. Aerial Spotting
    2. Aerial Photography
    3. Power line inspections
    4. Aerial Surveying
    5. Visual Line of Sight (VLOS)
    6. Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS)
    7. Etc.
  2. Development of a Business Plan and market analysis;
    1. Determine the type of aircraft / UAV / Drone / Multicopter / RPA to use;
    2. Market Analysis
    3. Etc.
  3. Conduct a Risk Assessment;
    1. What is a Risk Assessment and why do you need to integrate them into your RPAS operation
    2. Which types of risk assessment need to be completed
    3. When should the Job Risk Assessment or Flight Risk Assessment be completed
  4. Crew Induction – RPAS Operation
    1. Pilot Records
    2. Remote Pilot Certificate checks
    3. Understand internal operations procedures
    4. Etc.
  5. Crew Induction – Technical
    1. How to complete a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM)
    2. Maintaining RPAS aeronautical radio communications
    3. How to manage human factors in RPAS Operations
    4. How to apply regulations and policies during RPAS operations
    5. Navigating Remote Pilot Aircraft
    6. Use of Information Technology devices in the workplace
    7. How to manage RPAS pre- and post-flight actions
    8. Controlling the RPA on the ground
    9. Launching a RPA
    10. Controlling the RPA in normal Flight
    11. Recovery of the RPA
    12. How to manage RPA in abnormal flight conditions
    13. How to manage RPAS energy / battery resources
    14. Manage situation awareness in RPAS operations
  6. Developing an Operations Manual divided into:
    • Part A – General Policies and Procedures
    • Part B – RPAS Operating Procedures
    • Part C – Internal Training
    • Part D – Aerial Work Operations
    • Part E – RPAS Training School Operations
  7. Develop the Flight Manual
  8. Develop Maintenance Manual
  9. Appoint the Chief Controller ( Remote Pilot Certificate needs to be approved already)
  10. Compile the Operations Manual suite of documents for the pre-application interview
  11. Request a pre-application interview and and submit the Operations Manual suite once the interview is confirmed
  12. Conduct the Pre-Application Interview with CASA
  13. Lodge official UOC application form 041
  14. Address comments and changes required by CASA until the Operations Manual suite is approved (Desktop Approval)
  15. Prepare for the practical flying assessment
  16. Obtain Public Liability Insurance;
    1. We have already contacted the insurance companies and help you to develop your Operations Manuals to
    • Incorporate the information required where applicable
    • Easily answer the questions required to apply for PLI Qoutes
  17. Complete the practical flying assessment
  18. Once the assessment is passed, WAIT FOR YOUR UOC TO BE ISSUED :).


Australian RPAS Operators

Australian RPAS Operators / UAV Operators in Australia

Official RPAS Operators are companies that have officially applied for and had their UAV Operator Certificates issued by the national civil aviation authority. Some examples of these are CASA in Australia, FAA in the USA, CAA is South Africa and the UK etc.             If you operate a UAV / RPA / Drone in a commercial or business related environment in Australia for any of the following special operations you need an UAV OC from CASA.

  • Aerial advertising
  • Aerial spotting
  • Aerial survey
  • Powerline inspections
  • Surveillance
  • Agricultural operations
  • UAV type conversion training
  • Low level aerial mapping

We have an instructor lead Basic Aeronautical Knowledge course ((BAK Theory) integrated into our instructor lead Private Pilot Licence Theory Course (PPL Theory) held weekly around Australia. The dates below show the confirmed dates for each State. 5 May 2014 in Brisbane 19 May 2014 in Melbourne 19 May 2014 in Perth 26 May 2014 in Kiama 26 May 2014 in Chatswood / Sydney 2 June 2014 in Brisbane 9 June 2014 in Chatswood / Sydney 16 June 2014 in Melbourne 16 June 2014 in Gold Coast 23 June 2014 in Kiama 30 June 2014 in Perth – We will also be running a 1 day UAV OC workshop on Monday 30 June 7 July 2014 in Adelaide 7 July 2014 in Brisbane 14 July 2014 in Chatswood / Sydney 21 July 2014 in Melbourne 21 July 2014 in Gold Coast 28 July 2014 in Kiama 4 August 2014 in Perth 11 August 2014 in Brisbane 18 August 2014 in Melbourne 25 August in Tamworth / Armidale UAV SMS is also able to provide PPL / BAK Theory training on a 1-1 basis or organise group training if you require that throughout Australia. UAV : Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Also known as a drone, multicopter, RPA. (The general term of UAV is being replaced by RPA in order to indicate the presence of an actual human pilot being involved in the operations of the UAV) UAS : Unmanned Aircraft System (The general term of UAS is being replaced by RPAS in order to indicate the presence of an actual human pilot being involved in the operations of the UAS) RPA : Remotely Piloted Aircraft RPAS : Remotely Piloted Aircraft System UACS : Unmanned Aerial Combat System RP : Remote Pilot CC : Controller Certificate RPS : Remote Pilot Station